Anonymous: Plate Nine

How I express my love, my affection, is giving. Giving of myself, my time, my skills and material possessions. I feel like I have so much to give, that I am overflowing. Yet here is the dichotomy.When it is time to give to myself I am empty, a hollowed out husk. I cannot even conjure […]

Anonymous: Plate Eight

I am what you do not see i am faceless another body taking up spacein a roomin your bed I carry only silencenever heard never seen, only desired You do not see my horrors or my wounds I am only a faceless soul whispering in your mind as I pass you by Inside my screams […]

Anonymous: Plate Seven

Soft skin and rounded flesh create an inescapable prison Fear is the guard Walking the corridors of my mind Singing songs of roles and expectations Of confusion and lies Nearly forty years into an unknown sentence The terms of which have never been explained I sit in silent mourning For that small child with feelings […]

Anonymous: Plate Six

I want to be chased and pursued, but not stalked and harassed to be wanted and needed, but never worshipped to be your sun, moon, and stars, but not shackled to you I want your gaze and your mind for all time but I won’t reciprocate to share my body with you I want to […]

Anonymous: Plate Five

The Balance Coming from the East with a huge cultural influence that acceptable moral standard is based upon collective society, I always have a strong feeling of wanting to please others and have their approval even to the point of feeling that I deserve validation, acceptance, love, and approval ONLY when someone else gives it […]

Anonymous: Plate Four

I grew up wanting to hide my vulva. It wasn’t especially ugly or unappealing, but I suppose I had limited understanding of what vulvas actually looked like and I was also conditioned to think all things sexual were a sin. So, if ever my inner labia peaked out, I was mortified! Fast forward a few […]

Anonymous: Plate Three

One possible journey All my life, I have explored my body. There is too much to learn about it. Many moments of pain limited my capacity to experience a pleasure. I constantly run for it. It must be somewhere there. Maybe it’s related to perfection. Maybe with other people’s validation. Or, it’s directly connected with […]

Anonymous: Plate Two

Body Image Counting carbs, eating disorders, diets, poor weight control, poor metabolism, belly fat, it affects how you see your body. Maybe I shouldn’t eat because then I don’t need to take insulin. Self Worth Your body doesn’t do what it should, you feel different than everyone else, bullying, it affects how you value yourself. […]