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If you’ve ever searched the internet for the words “boudoir photography” you’ve likely noticed a pattern. The same poses and styles start to repeat within the first 4 or 5 rows and I bet you’ve wondered if that’s all there is? Often the images are there for good reason, they’re classic, traditional, edgey and represent what most of us think of when thinking of boudoir photography. Still, the question, is that all there is? I’m passionate about creating beautiful images that push the bounds of conventional boudoir and give my clients a unique opportunity they won’t find anywhere else. I hope you enjoy looking through my work and get inspired. If you do, then I’d love to hear from you.

On Location

Book your own accomodations for a mini get-away and treat yourself to a creative photography session inspired by you. What could be better?

If you are uncertain of which Hotel or venue would work best, reach out  and we will help you find the perfect location.

Nude Boudoir

Portrait and Figurative Nudes

Editorial Sessions

Fashion meets glamour meets art with a thematic session inspired by celebrity and cinematic photography.

HOme Sessions

The authentic you in your own space.

I would love to hear from you

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Contact Kevin

About Kevin

About Kevin

I remember being a 4 year old, walking around our home, while staring down into a mirror that reflected the ceiling above me. It was a fascinating way to see the world, a different perspective, that often led to a few bruises. Noticing that I may cause real harm, my grandmother gave me an old camera to peer through instead. This led to a fascination with our family photo albums, there was magic there.

A couple of years later, I climbed a chair to rumage through my grandfather’s dresser. There I found a Playboy magazine from the mid-sixites. There was something compelling about the images. Nudity being presented in such as straight-forward way seemed out of place for the world I lived in but at the same time seemed completely natural, human. My work often centres around non-sexualized nudity as a way to see the human form from a different perspective then shown in the media.

For me, photography has always been about perspective. Seeking to understand your subject, framing the moment, casting light. Photography becomes a metaphor for how we share this planet and offers insights into how we can better understand each other.

We each have a unique story and point of view. I believe that when we aim to understand each others stories, while sharing our own, we are at our best.