What should I bring? This is something we discuss at length during your consultation. It varies greatly from client to client. Ultimately you can bring as much or as little as necessary to make the images perfect.

Where are you located? Our studio address is at 323 10th Ave SW please contact us for our mailing address.

Can I bring a friend? Yes feel free to bring a friend.

Who else will be at the shoot? Kevin has a female assistant and we will be the only two people at the session unless you bring a friend. The assistant helps with posing and getting the client to feel comfortable and relaxed. Assistants have modeled in the past and have a unique perspective on the process and keep eyes open for all the little details.

Who will see my images? Proofs are viewed privately at the studio. Images are never uploaded to the internet

Do you supply wardrobe? Clients should provide their own wardrobe but we do stock a wide ranges of fabrics and chairs for posing.

Maternity sessions? Yes we offer maternity sessions as well

I don't look like the women on your site. Can I still get beautiful images? Absolutely. As a professional photographer and retoucher Kevin has a gift for photographing the beauty of every woman.

Can I bring other items? Bring whatever you feel will help you get the images you want. Items from home or your partner such as dress shirts and ties are great ideas.

Are there specials or discounts? Former and exisiting wedding clients are eligible for discounts. Contact us to be notified for upcoming specials

Cancellation policy? There are no sessions fees but there is a $100 retainer for bookings. 48 hours notice is required for refunds.  

What should I expect from the session? Our observations have been that some clients are a bit nervous when they get to the studio, but that feeling subsides during makeup or conversation and they quickly adjust to the experience and start to enjoy the whole process. By the end of the session clients often feel empowered and proud of their accomplishment and have a great deal of excitement surrounding the final proofs. You should hear from us within 2-3 weeks for your proof viewing.

How should I prepare for the session? Please wear loose clothing to the session, no tight elastic bands, jeans or other garments.

Who gets images done? Women of all ages, sizes and walks of life have had sessions, whether it's for personal reasons or as a gift. 

How do I book a consultation? Phone us or contact us online through this form and we can get things started.