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Anonymous: Plate Three

One possible journey

All my life, I have explored my body.
There is too much to learn about it.

Many moments of pain limited my capacity to experience a pleasure. I constantly run for it. It must be somewhere there. Maybe it’s related to perfection. Maybe with other people’s validation. Or, it’s directly connected with the assumption of the ideal of beauty.


Sometimes I don’t ask all these questions. These moments happen when two essential aspects get together – sexuality and creativity.

To me, the two terms are intertwined.
Sexuality is creativity, and creativity is sexuality. The excitement I feel in the process of creation is necessarily erotic. Being excited and proud of what is being created implies acceptance of oneself as a whole. Making love with another person is an equally creative process – something like writing and telling stories. There are moles, scars, and scratches on the body. Those are the stories. Some other stories are in the form of novels or poems; they are narratives about some people. And humans are their minds and their bodies. Sexuality also involves the mind and body.

Thus, through a complicated and long journey, I realized that I, like every other being, am a perfect whole. And as long as I feel the excitement of creating something beautiful and creative, it means that I am alive and that my life is worth living.