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Anonymous: Plate Five

The Balance 

Coming from the East with a huge cultural influence that acceptable moral standard is based upon collective society, I always have a strong feeling of wanting to please others and have their approval even to the point of feeling that I deserve validation, acceptance, love, and approval ONLY when someone else gives it to me. 

Having been living in the West for so long now, the individualistic mindset has slowly taken over and I have come out from understanding self worth, knowing my passion, and learning/unlearning who I am as a person without all the cultural bondage and belief. 

This is a hard one. Where I grew up from is part of me, where I am living now is also me. It is impossible to let go from one and completely embrace the other. I don’t want to choose and I don’t have to, it’s tiring and has completely worn me out. I need to learn to reconcile and acknowledge that both of these beliefs can be part of my life, I just need to find the balance.