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Showcasing Nude Portrait Results


Human Project: Bonspiel

20 Volunteers photographed over 2 days.

The Serendipty of Creating Art

This is what happens sometimes.


The Camera is a Box

Experiments with a digital camera obscura.

The Human Project: Alexia Day

The Human Project was photographed over the course of 2 days with 20 volunteers.

Alexia is one of my most favourite people and models. Someday soon I hope to interview her about her experiences in front of the camera. Choosing to be an art model isn’t what most people entertain and each person who steps in front of the camera has a unique reason to be there. 

Besides being an all-around fantastic human Alexia exhibits so much grace and subtlety in her poses. I’m a huge fan of expression through hands and she never fails to deliver. Have a look and see for yourself.